School Captains 2019

Congratulations and thank you to our 2019 Captains and leaders for a job well done this year! 

SHO0005Alex Shortt 

REN0004 Hannah Rennick                                                                                                             


School Vice Captains 2019


BAX0005Oliver Baxter

MCG0018 Zarley McGregor                                                                                                           

Student Leaders

ICT Leaders – Jack Mortimore & Grace Carlile

Environmental Leaders – Lachlan Swain & Summer Durrant

Library Leaders – Ebony Barnet & Violet Flynn

Performing Arts Leaders – Gabby Donnelly & Kane Harrington

Visual Arts Leaders – Jasmine Gallagher & Ava Gannon

LOTE Leaders – Katherine Hobson & Rehan Menuwara

Student Wellbeing Leaders – Ryder Davies & Perryn Argus


House Captains

Bradman Leaders – Mitchell Rawnsley & Sophie Lees

Thorpe Leaders – Charlotte Hall & Caleb Uerata

Freeman Leaders – Riley Ahern & Charli Fahie

Rafter Leaders – Indiana Zaviska & Tasha Holly


Junior School Council

Archer Pearson

Arden Harris

Campbell Robertson

Emelia Parkes

Hudson Don

Isobel Reitman

Jade Gray

JD Krieg

Krystal Cherry

Lacie Podesta

Lily Hutson

Madi Williams

Niamh Brophy

Olivia Gibson

Riley Vedder

Sarah Pampakas





Rafter Captain – Adam Testro