Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire all learners to be curious and creative.  We will develop resilient and ethical citizens with the skills to thrive in a diverse and global community.

Our Goal:

To develop our students as interactive global citizens and ensure high achievement in the core learning areas of literacy and numeracy.

Prep reading bookOur Core Values are:

Rfor Responsibility
1. Being in control of your own behaviour
2. Being trusted with important jobs
3. Having your work finished on time
4. Doing your part when working together

Hfor Honesty
1. Being truthful to others
2. Being truthful to others
3. Doing what is right regardless of who is around
4.  Being someone others can trust

P for Pride
1. Being proud of your school
2. Taking pride in your work
3. Wanting people to be proud of you

S for Support
Trying to understand how others feel and act on those feelings with care and concern.

In addition to our core values, our school utilises the TRIBES process to build an inclusive learning community. At Rolling Hills Primary School we recognise the following TRIBES Agreements: Mutual Respect; Safety; Attentive Listening; Personal Best; Right to Participate (Right to Pass) and Appreciation.  Click here to read more about TRIBES.