Assemblies are hosted on a fortnightly basis, commencing the second week of every term.  They are held in the gym on Fridays from 2.45pm.  All classes will have one opportunity to host assembly throughout the year, commencing with our senior students. 

House Captains and School Captains also have the opportunity to host an assembly.  Host classes will be listed in the newsletter prior to the assembly.

The purpose of these afternoons is to come together as a whole school with parents and friends, creating an interaction between the school and the community.

Such occasions will not only see children performing musical items or displaying newly learned skills, but will also be informative for the children and parents. Community groups will be invited to demonstrate their particular activities, service groups may explain their roles, local identities may speak, talented parents may perform, and so on, giving children an insight into the adult life of the district.  Monthly awards and presentations to students will be an important part of this occasion.

These occasions are more successful when we have an actively engaged audience - we hope to see you there regularly! 

Our dates and hosts for the remainder of 2019 are currently being finalised.  Stay tuned...