Inquiry Levels 3 4


























Other Learning Areas

Health & Physical Education

Personal, Social and Community Health


Describe factors that can positively influence relationships and personal wellbeing

The Humanities /


Civics and Citizenship

Government and Democracy

Identify how and why decisions are made democratically in communities

  • Explain the roles of local government and some familiar services provided at the local level
  • Identify features of government and law and describe key democratic values

Laws and Citizens

  • Distinguish between rules and laws and discuss why rules and laws are important 
  • Explain how and why people make rules

 Capabilities / Critical and Creative Thinking


  •  Investigate a range of problem-solving strategies, including brainstorming, identifying, comparing and selecting options, and developing and testing hypotheses 
  • Consider concrete and pictorial models to facilitate thinking, including a range of visualisation strategies
  • Examine an increased range of learning strategies, including visualisation, note-taking, peer instruction and incubation, and reflect on how these can be applied to different tasks to reach a goal

 Questions and Possibilities

  •  Investigate different techniques to sort facts and extend known ideas to generate novel and imaginative ideas 
  • Construct and use open and closed questions for different purposes


  •  Explore distinctions when organising and sorting information and ideas from a range of sources 
  • Distinguish between main and peripheral ideas in own and others information and points of view
  • Investigate why and when the consequences of a point of view should be considered
  • Examine and use the structure of a basic argument, with an aim, reasons and conclusion to present a point of view


 Capabilities / Ethical Capability


Decision Making and Actions

 Discuss the role of personal values and dispositions in ethical decision-making and actions

 Understanding Concepts

 Discuss the ways to identify ethical considerations in a range of problems

 Capabilities / Personal and Social Capability

 Self-Awareness and Management

  •  Identify how persistence and adaptability can be used when faced with challenging situations and change
  • Identify personal strengths and select personal qualities that could be further developed


 Social Awareness and Management


  • Identify the importance of including others in activities, groups and games
  • Demonstrate skills for effective participation in group tasks and use criteria provided to reflect on the effectiveness of the teams in which they participate