At Rolling Hills Primary School, Information & Communications technologies are an important educational tool, fully integrated across the school curriculum.  Children have access to the latest technology in all classrooms and in the Library.

Each room has access to Laptops or computers which are connected to both the school Intranet and the Internet. Each classroom utilises a range of tools and technology such as; digital cameras, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, iPods and iPads.

Senior students are able to bring their own device and connect to the school's internet via WiFi. Students using the Internet are required to sign an Internet Contract stating that they will adhere to the school’s “Internet Access” Policy. 

Students are being taught to be competent, critical and safe online users; that is, they are able to use a variety of ICT devices, programs and applications in a multitude of settings. The students are taught about cyber safety, use of application on portable devices (including tablets, digital cameras, laptops and interactive whiteboards), researching, consuming and producing in a digital world.  ICT caters for all students.  Teachers use ICT to differentiate, explain, elaborate, explore and create across subject disciplines. Class teachers are providing students with specific training in the use of Microsoft programs including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel. 

ICT is being used to communicate with parents through digital portfolios, which are presented online via web-based programs including Edmodo or Weebly.  This training occurs in our computer laboratory, located in the school library, as well as in the classroom.  Our computers are regularly upgraded to ensure that students can maximise their learning. 

Cyber safety is of paramount importance, students are taught the appropriate way to access and use digital devices including, password security, not posting private information, posting appropriate information, checking the reliability of websites and general safety in the online environment.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Our students are encouraged to bring their own technology to school, which may include iPad or iPod, as with these, students can access a One-to-World connection through our wireless internet and use relevent applications for the specific subject area.  A BYOD environment provides greater opportunity for all students to have access to the wider global learning community.


NetAlert is part of the Australian Government's ongoing commitment to providing a safe online environment for all families, especially children.

Bullying No Way

Bullying No Way aims to create learning environments where every student and school community member is safe, supported, respected, valued, and free from bullying, violence, harassment and discrimination.