Inquiry learning in Prep


Current unit:  Our Changing World

  Prep Inquiry














 Other Learning Areas

The Arts


 Explore ideas for characters and situations through dramatic play

  • Use voice, facial expression, movement and space to imagine and improvise characters and situations
  • Present drama that communicates ideas and stories
  • Respond to drama, expressing what they enjoy and why 

 The Humanities


 Sequence significant events about personal and family history to create a chronological narrative

  • Identify the content features of primary sources when describing the significance of people, places or events
  • Identify examples of continuity and change in family life and in the local area by comparing past and present
  • Who the people in their family are, describe where they were born and raised and how they are related to each other and how their stories are communicated and shared


Personal and Social Capabilities

 Self-Awareness and Management

 Identify their likes and dislikes, needs and wants, abilities and strengths

  • Recognise that problems or challenges are a normal part of life and that there are actions that can be undertaken to manage problems


 Social Awareness and Management

 Identify a range of groups to which they, their family and members of their class belong

  • Practise the skills required to include others and make friends with peers, teachers and other adults



 Explore needs or opportunities for designing, and the technologies needed to realise designed solutions

  • Visualise, generate, and communicate design ideas through describing, drawing and modelling
  • Use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to produce designed solutions safely
  • Sequence steps for making designed solutions
  • Identify and explore digital systems (hardware and software components) for a purpose