Excursions and visting arts programs are offered 3-4 times per year to support the curriculum program at the time.  The curriculum foci alternates every second year and classroom teachers ensure that the excursions are relevent to the learning concepts.  Programs which have been successful at each level and are all-time favourites.


Melbourne Zoo, Emergency Services

Levels 1/2

Healesville Sanctuary, Creativity in a Healthy Kitchen, Just Like Me (Social Justice)

Level 3/4

Taskworks, Fizzics, Cosmodome, AFL 9s

Level 5/6

Scienceworks, Professor Maths, Team Building/Orienteering

A number of whole school programs are offered in conjunction with Inquiries and Investigations such as Starlab and Hands on Science.



Camping is considered to be a valuable part of Rolling Hills Primary School’s program. It is valued as an end in itself as it provides a certain unique set of values and opportunities that justify its inclusion in the curriculum. Camping provides each child with the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and a sense of achievement through a variety of challenging situations in a non-school setting, while at the same time developing social skills, a sense of responsibility and independence.

Our program is progressive, allowing children to build confidence in their ability to be independent.

Level 1

Dinner and games at school.

Level 2

Combined dinner and designated activities

Level 3 and Level 4

Camp or Tour of 2 nights - Adanac, Mt Evelyn Recreational Camp

Level 5 and Level 6

Camp or Tour of 2 - 4 nights - Coonawarra, Phillip Island CYC







Camps for 2019:


Levels 3 & 4 - Mt Evelyn Recreational Camp

Monday 15th - Wednesday, 17th July


Levels 5 & 6 - Phillip Island CYC

Wednesday 11th - Friday 13th September