It has been the policy at Rolling Hills to encourage parent participation in school programs to maximize educational outcomes for children and to provide parents with a greater awareness and understanding of the school’s functioning.

Parents are involved in a variety of activities ranging from:

  • Direct participation in the day-to-day teaching program assisting teachers, e.g.. Early Literacy, excursions, Early Numeracy, etc. With our direct participation program it has been decided that toddlers will not be allowed in the classroom or with helpers who are working with children in school programs, as they can be disruptive during learning activities.

All helpers who have direct contact with children MUST have a CURRENT Working With Children Check (WWCC). 

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  • Indirect participation (no child contact) in assisting the school’s operation, e.g. typing, making aids, working bees, committee members, library work, changing take home books, etc.

A parent resource file is in operation to enable the school to draw on parent expertise.

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