Do you want your child to be happy, safe and successful? Do you want a primary school that supports your family values?

To help you decide if our school is right for your child, we offer personalised tours, or will chat with you over the phone at your convenience. 

If you would like to tour our magnificent grounds and buildings, see our exciting programs in action, especially our innovative and engaging curriculum at an alternative time, please call us.

Contact us on 9726 4454 to arrange an appointment with our Principal, Robyn English.

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Anti Bulling Policy

Bully Prevention Oath

I will not bully others
I will not stand by while others are bullied
I will report bullying whenever I see it.

School Values

Rolling Hills Primary School has identified values and beliefs which are integral to the way we interact at school.

Responsibility – be accountable for my behaviour and things within my power to control – actions and words.
Honesty – Admit to my poor choices about my behaviour, or things I have observed.
Pride – Feeling proud about my friendships and positive behaviour in our school and standing up for myself.
Support – to help a person who is having trouble by encouraging them and including them in my group.

Every child has a right to be safe from victimisation, violence and abuse at school. ‘It is a fundamental democratic right for a child to feel safe in school and to be spared the oppression and repeated, intentional humiliation implied in bullying.’ (Dan Olweus 2001)

Since 1996 the wearing of school uniform has been compulsory at this school. We encourage children to wear socks at all time to protect their feet from a variety of minor and major dangers. For safety reasons the school rule is - NO THONGS or BARE FEET.

The Uniform shop will be open from Rolling Hills Primary School, Canteen window, during School Terms:

Friday mornings, 8.30 - 9.30am

Alternatively, orders can be left at the office, using the pdforder form in the foyer.  If paying cash, please ensure correct money is included in the envelope.  Orders will be filled on Fridays when the shop is open and sent home with your designated child in the tub.


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