Term 3 in Levels 5 & 6



 Humanities/English: Social Justice

The RIGHT Fight



Students will investigate human rights, social justice and social justice advocates through examining examples from around the world. They will select a person who has contributed to the fight for social justice and conduct research about their notable person's life and work.

Guiding/ essential questions:

In a Social Justice context, who have been agents of change?

What were the personal character strengths that enabled them to make significant change?

How can I support their legacy?

Expected knowledge/understandings:

Different cultural groups work together to achieve their goals

Students will to respect their own and others’ cultures

Students will learn how to understand the concept of global citizenship

Students will learn how significant people have advanced social justice causes

Expected skills:

Pose questions and find relevant resources

Summarise information

Write a biography

Make a timeline

Prepare and present information in a speech


Other Learning Areas




  • Use comprehension strategies to interpret and analyse information and ideas, comparing content from a variety of textual sources including media and digital texts
  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience
  • Participate in formal and informal debates and plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements for defined audiences and purposes, making appropriate choices for modality and emphasis



The Humanities / Civics and Citizenship, Diversity and Identity


  • Examine the concept of global citizenship
  • Investigate how people with shared beliefs and values work together to achieve their goals and plan for action

Level 5 & 6 Curriculum

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