Canteen Open: Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Canteen open for parents and visitors for a freshly brewed LAVAZZA coffee (cappacino, latte, long black, chai latte, hot chocolate and tea) between:
9.00am - 3.30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Slushies, drinks etc also available on Fridays until 4.00 pm.

From 2018, our Canteen ordering will now be online via 'My School Connect', using your PC, laptop, tablet or phone at  Please see the following flyer for information on setting up and account and placing orders online.

pdf'My School Connect' Canteen ordering online

A limited menu will still be available using our current ordering method.  Please see below for our current Term One, 2018 menu.

Current Menu

pdfSummer 2018 Limited menu


Parents Please Note the Following Points:

  • Please discard all old menus/price lists. 
  • Lunches can be ordered in Lunch Order Wallets or Munch Order Bags (for those who have purchased one) by placing order in front clear pocket of bag, or you can write orders on a paper lunch bag (no plastic please) with money enclosed. Please ensure your child’s name, grade and room number are written clearly on Lunch Order Wallet/Munch Order Bag order form or paper bag.
  • Paper lunch bags are 10 cents each if you don’t supply your own.
  • Orders with insufficient money enclosed will have items deleted or reduced in quantity until money enclosed covers items ordered.
  • No credit will be given except in cases of a forgotten lunch. Lunches purchased on I.O.U. may consist of a sandwich and fruit from our menu only. Payment is expected ASAP.
  • Take home packs of frozen goods as well as freshly prepared muffins, cakes etc are available for order and require 1 weeks notice.
  • Our canteen is always looking for volunteers, who are required each day between 10.00 am and 2.30 pm. 

Please call in and speak to Wendy if you are interested!


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